Maternochronics features the work of over 100 artist/mothers.

From the show statement, by Emily Zarse, exhibition organizer:

It feels particularly pressing to create a maternal time capsule of this moment.

Will the sensations/experiences of this durational stress be fleeting? (Like the maternal brain is programmed to forget the embodied pain of childbirth?) As mothers/caregivers, our bodies record  trauma and stress, but that we might somehow collectively forget if we do not make an intentional effort to record. That the power of this pandemic experience will not be acknowledged or harnessed to create a more supportive, equitable future for mothers/caregivers. How can we better listen to mothers/caregivers? Could this exhibition/archive provide a space for nourishing connections? How can archiving be a supportive practice?

The start of this project marks the anniversary of a year of pandemic and is the culmination of a semester-long dive into complex topics of time, including the questions: “Whose time is privileged and legitimized?” and “How can linear, progressive representations of time be challenged?”