“Hope / Revolution” at Stay Home Gallery & Residency

Juror: Lauren Harris
Curators: Kaylan Buteyn and Pam Marlene Taylor
Stay Home Gallery & Residency
Paris, TN
Oct 2020 – Dec 2020

With so much turmoil, fear and social unrest as our current backdrop, art continues to be a conduit into the pain, anger, and fears of its creators. Art made by womxn is a perspective forged in fire, the clearest view into the soul of each artist’s direct community. Striving to change, grow, and improve, we are united in one overused and undervalued idea: Hope. Hope’s power lies in its resilience, existing despite a world on fire and in rebellion to systems designed to extinguish it. Relational to all humans, each of us embodies this cognitive emotion just by approaching each new day.