Work in the “It Comes In Waves” series is available through Stay Home Gallery.

For originals, larger works, or commissions, please contact me at

Winter Sale!

These polymer clay ornaments / mini wall hangings are one of a kind, made from off-cuts of my “It Comes in Waves” series of clay paintings. They are each approximately 3″ in diameter.

Clay Jewelry

Bouncing light on shimmering water and bodies moving in the pool reflect the joys, frustrations, sorrows, and undulations of these times.

This polymer clay jewelry collection features one of a kind pieces made from off-cuts of my “It Comes in Waves” series of clay paintings. I’m especially excited to offer this wearable connection to my detailed clay paintings.


To purchase “Day Dreaming” click here to visit Rarible’s marketplace. There are 10 available in this limited edition.

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