Play: Statement

Born of my Artist Residency in Motherhood (2017-2019), this series uses play-doh in collaboration with my daughter to create color studies. This was a playful way back to art-making after motherhood, which for me was completely life altering.

Attachment parenting meant for me that naptime happened on top of me with no chance to rush off to the studio to create while she slept. After carrying her inside me for nearly 10 months, I then carried her in a wrap or carrier for many hours each day for another year and beyond. My whole being became Mother, and my Artist self faded away…until I pulled it back, starting with play-doh.

The way the play-doh dries and cracks reminds me of crevasseswaterways, branches. It forces me to forfeit some control, just as ice has done in my past work.

Here is a glimpse behind the scenes at my process: