“Manifesting Hope” draws its name from a discussion between Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in which they talk about acting on the most pressing issue of our time, climate change, and doing so with hope. This series is about women manifesting hope for the world, pushing past traumas, smashing ceilings, and demanding change through small but persistent actions. It is about highlighting motherhood, valuing time spent collecting leaves with a child. Nursing in the street is simultaneously an act of defiance, a routine, and a sacred bond. I see a connection between the way women, especially mothers, are treated by a society and the way the planet, Mother Earth, is treated.

Holding, polymer clay on panel, 5x7", 2020
Supplemental Nursing System
Supplemental Nursing System, 2019, Polymer Clay, 6” round
Nursing on Kelton Ave.
Nursing on Kelton St, Play-doh & Resin on Canvas, 2019
Collecting Leaves on Francis Pl.
Collecting Leaves, Play-doh & Resin on Canvas, 2019
Channeling Peppa Pig
Channeling Peppa Pig, 2019, Polymer Clay on Panel, 5x7"