“Personal Geographies” speaks to our sense of place, the impact space and place have on us as humans, and the impacts we have on the land. As places change, our memories waver and shift, leaving only traces of lost environments. Just as memory builds in layers, I work in layers, physically and metaphorically. Geologic strata and layers of human anatomy help me envision the planet as organism. Computer mapping systems (GIS) use layers of information to create complex interactive map images, while I compile information that burrows into my work. I build images through accumulation of materials including paper, photographs, maps, and melting ice. Paper stacks up to become sculptural, photographs form videos, ice leaves waterlines, as if flood and drought had their way with the work.

Topographic Landscape
Topographic Landscape, enamel, sand, 2008
Share the Road
Share the Road, stencils, bike ride action, and book, 2007
Geographic Geneology
Geographic Geneology, handmade book of collagraphs, 2007
Imagined Topographies
Imagined Topographies, Wall Drawing, 2007
Brooklyn Commute
Brooklyn Commute, mixed media on canvas, 12 x 12, 2006
NYC Commute
NYC Commute, mixed media on canvas, 10 x 10, 2005
Dancing the Land
Dancing The Land site specific performance and resultant drawing in sand, approx. 15 x 10 ft, 2006
Personal Geographies
Personal Geographies: Middlebury, 18x24, Ink Drawing on Vellum, 2004
Mental Maps
Mental Map: Hobart, Tasmania, ink on paper, 2004