“Blue Gold Thaw” focuses on water’s role in climate change: melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and the quickening loss of this blue-gold. I use beauty, poetics, humor, and narrative to explore this issue. The work takes the form of ice – as sculpture, printmaking ink, and documented in photo and video. Using melting ice simply and directly recalls the temporal problem of melting glaciers and ice sheets. I utilize the artistic tools of beauty and humor to engage the political. I believe that a poetic approach is vital to changing societal perceptions. As philosopher Jacques Ranciére discusses, art has the power to redistribute the sensible (what is sensed: seen, heard, felt) by creating new forms and ways of seeing. It is through this redistribution of the sensible that change occurs. My photographs, sculptures, drawings and videos take on a pressing and all-encompassing issue using humor, beauty and poetics. As artist and curator Randy Jayne Rosenberg says, “Art allows us to visualize our relationship to the natural world. Art has a rich set of tools to represent our world, from irony to allegory, metaphor to humor” (1). These are the tools that have the power to change societal perceptions about climate change.

(1) Natural World Museum. Art in Action Nature, Creativity, and Our Collective Future. Minneapolis: Earth Aware Editions, 2007.

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Solution: Reservoir Model 1, plastic, silicon, ice (food coloring, water), 2009
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Melted, ice (acrylic, dye, food coloring, rain water) on paper, 2009
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Blue Gold Thaw, molded dyed ice, digital photographs, 2009
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Since 1850, Over 2km^2 of Grinnell Glacier Has Melted = 27,113 of My Apartment
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DIY Water and Power, accordion book, 2010